About Us


Romar Oil Company, a business unit of Vantera Commodities Group LLC, (VCG), was developed for the purpose of the manufacture, sales and distribution of refined petroleum products initially in the United States, Canada, Mexico and to the East Africa Sub Region governments, agencies and private companies.

Some of the VCG stakeholders are also involved with, and have interests in a “Business Think Tank’, to be headquartered in Washington DC, that’s supported by some of the most powerful political groups and individuals in America and around the globe. Through Vantera’s executive management’s associations, relationships and affiliations — the Company intends to seek advice, partnerships and mentorships with multinational or global high profile companies.

Our Vision

To assist private businesses, communities and its members/citizens to reach economic and community development goals and objectives. We will research and develop an operational plan that would greatly help with this effort. To build self employment programs for young men and women in communities that we trade or purchase from, in various fields of expertise, to provide various products and services to local and international businesses and individuals.

Our Mission

To build business, people, communities and hope throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad, primarily Africa.


Vantera Commodities Group LLC, (Vantera), is a multi-level private procurement and investment company – specializing in the procurement of GOLD/Au Dore Bars and Gem Quality Rough and Polished Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. We also purchase other metals and minerals, as well as Crude Oil and Oil derivatives. Vantera is also actively developing Principal Supplier Contracts with producers of Lithium and Exotic Coffees, and soon we will contract Gum Arabic, all on an exclusive basis for and to Vantera. We buy and sell products strictly on a “turnkey” basis. We take a total hands-on and compliant approach to minerals/commodities – especially as we get greater requests from multiple major commodities related “End Buyers”. We are consistently evolving with our “Supply Partners” under an increasingly stronger “Commodities Management Group”, to include compliance/legal.

Vantera operates a multifaceted entity run by professionals with up to 35 years of experience and expertise as entrepreneurs, and some who worked for major companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Graff Diamonds, Rio Tinto, Exxon Mobil and Shell, at senior management positions. The Company is also a stakeholder in Romar Oil Company , Gem Quality Diamonds Online , Vantera Coffee Bean Company and other companies.

Core Management

Dr. Rubin Cockrell

executive board director, advisory board member, compliance expert

Jim Dossey

executive vice president/general counsel & chief financial officer

De’bora Johnson

acting chief accounting officer & administrative manager

Robert Littles

vice president, chief operating officer & petroleum engineer

Don Polk

executive chairman/interim president, chief executive officer, interim chief global strategist/chief marketing officer

Ron Williams

executive board director, advisory board member, artificial intelligence/analytics/blockchain expert