Romar Oil Committed to Clean, Reliable and Affordable Energy

Forbes has recently published an article outlining current oil industry trends for 2021 to 2023. In tandem with lowering costs along with lower carbon emissions and risk, oil and gas companies are expected to experience growth (Forbes Magazine, Maloney, 2021). The thinking here is that by lowering cost and thereby production efficiency, the oil and gas industry’s overall value chain will be optimized.

Innovation in tech, artificial intelligence (AI), and operational practices will allow companies like Romar Oil Company to create better “reservoir models” that will allow adaptation to current and near future industry trends. The future also dictates a need for “clean, reliable, and affordable energy,” (Forbes Magazine, Maloney, 2021).

The Romar Oil Company is committed to not only including clean, reliable and affordable energy, but also fostering a combination of wherewithal and technology that will help the oil and gas industry to reach its goal of lower emissions for the aggregate benefit of communities and the globe.

— ROC Web News