company overview

ROMAR OIL COMPANY (ROC), (a Vantera Commodities Group LLC Family of Companies), propose to supply Refined Petroleum Products in the United States, Canada, Mexico and to the East Africa Sub Region governments, agencies and private companies
Our refined petroleum products are refined and/or distributed from the following geographical locations: Gulf Coast, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and Canada. We currently have the capability, access and wherewithal to deliver up to 500 million gallons of refined petroleum products within 18 months


Tradition and Experience. Romar Oil lubricant manufacturer has been an active producer in the lubricant industry for well over 100 years with stable ownership and facilities based in the U.S. Midwest. It produces and supplies a full line of lubricant products with options including conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blends. The manufacturer is API licensed to its most current specifications, ISO-certified and can furnish passenger car motor oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils, hydraulic fluids and gear oils, antifreeze, commercial and industrial fluids, specialty products and functional fluids as well as custom blending. It regularly provides major retailers, aviation industry customers, as well as commercial, industrial and agricultural companies with its top-of-the-line products.

  • With nearly 250 employees, Romar’s manufacturer is capable of ramping up quickly for large orders, while maintaining a high level of attention to detail and care.
  • The manufacturer’s facilities employ state-of-the-art computerized systems that allow it to perform continual product testing. This assures our customers that every step during the manufacturing process, including blending and packaging, is continuously monitored.
  • It provides high speed filing options for both quart and gallon containers, as well as having tote and drum filling production lines with bulk loading and multiple compartments.
  • Romar’s manufacturer has its own blow molding facility in which it can blow molder quart and gallon containers.
  • Throughput is 120 quart bottles per minute capability and 12,000 bottles per day of gallon manufacturing.
  • At its two plants, it has approximately 200,000 square feet under roof and an additional 95,000 square feet of storage together with 100 storage tanks capable of holding two million gallons of lubricant product.
  • These facilities also include 20 rail spots, 2 bulk loading bays and 12 loading docks. Our manufacturer also has a major terminal port and storage on a nearby major U.S. waterway.
Quality Assurance:
Romar’s manufacturer belongs to a number of industry organizations including:
  • Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers Association,
  • National Ctonvenience Store Association,
  • ILMA,and
  • International Liquid Terminals Association.
Romar’s manufacturer belongs to a number of industry organizations including:
  • API registered and licensed manufacturer
  • ISO Guidelines manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer also provides a strong technical support team for all current and future lubricant needs.

Romar’s customers can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality products with all the support they need to be successful in their sales endeavors.